Guide to a correct parking

Please park responsibly and follow our app instructions!

The RideMovi app will give you all of the necessary instructions to park correctly in the specific city where you are riding. Remember to follow the local parking rules to avoid parking tickets issued by local authorities. Ensure that you are not obstructing pedestrians or traffic, that you are parking in a public bicycle parking or designated parking areas and never in private spaces. ​

Read below for additional information!  

Operating Area

Park inside the Operating Area visible on the map of the RideMovi app. Please note that these areas could be different depending on the vehicle type. We recommend you check the Operational Area before starting your trip.

No Parking Area

It’s forbidden to close your ride inside the red areas highlighted on the map of the RideMovi app.
Please check the map before closing the trip to avoid additional parking fees.

Parking Hubs

Some cities require parking in specific Designated Parking Areas which can either be a bike rack or a parking area specifically signaled for the purpose. If available, you will find these Hubs marked with a 🅿️ icon on the map.

Parking with Chain Lock (only in Spain)

Some cities in Spain require locking the vehicle in bike racks using a physical chain lock available in the front basket.
The bike racks are highlighted with a 🅿️ icon on the map.


Upload a picture of your parking

IMPORTANT: if you will not upload a parking photo you will receive a fine.

How do I park correctly inside the operating area?

We invite you to park our vehicles correctly and responsibly and observe these simple rules to avoid receiving a parking fine.

Bikes and scooters can only be parked:

  • In allowed areas visible on the RideMovi map.
  • In specifically designated parking areas for bicycles/scooters (in some city it is mandatory)
  • In wide pavement areas.

It is absolutely forbidden to park:

  • Inside private properties, car parks, cycle paths, narrow streets, road junctions, driveways and bus stops.
  • Wherever the vehicle can obstruct the passage of vehicles or pedestrians.

How to appeal your penalty

If you would like to make an appeal for a parking fee please send the request via app and we will take care of your request. See below how to send your appeal. 


1. Pause your ride
2. Reserve your eBike
3. Keep riding!

Click on Temporary Parking and temporarily lock the vehicle. PLEASE NOTE: During temporary parking the ride will be charged normally. 


Help to set a good example for others, ride safe and enjoy the ride!
For additional information contact us