Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RideMovi world!

To create your account please follow these simple step:

  • Download the RideMovi App from Play Store or App Store and create your account.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and request the verification code.
  • Enter a payment method.

* You can ride one vehicle at a time with your account.
* Unlock and ride a bike, eBike, or scooter (if available in your city) with the same app.

To Start a Ride:

1. Open the RideMovi app and find your nearest RideMovi Bike, eBike or scooter on the map.
2. Scan the QR code available on the vehicle and ride.
Please note: In the cities where the vehicle has a chain lock in the basket, a code will be sent via app. Use this code to unlock the chain lock.

To End a Ride:
1. Please end your trip by clicking on End Ride in the app
2. Follow carefully the parking instructions given by the app and move the vehicle if you are in a No Parking Area or outside the operating area.
3. Upload a picture of the vehicle parked correctly, making sure that the parking area can be clearly seen.

At RideMovi we want to make sure that you can move in your city in the fastest and easiest way. Here below all details for the correct use of our service: 

Your app has pending payments

Please authorize your pending payments to use the service.

My RideMovi doesn't unlock
Please check the following:

  • Your phone has a data connection.
  • Bluetooth is on.

When you scan the QR code also double-check the following details in your RideMovi App:

  • The app highlights that the vehicle might have been reported for repair, in this case, simply unlock another vehicle.
  • The vehicle is set up as a temporary lock by another user.How to report a damaged vehicle
    Please send the report directly from the app by clicking on the customer service/tool icon.

    I received a parking penalty or I cannot close my ride

    For parking penalties or trip reimbursement please appeal directly in the app by following these instructions:​
  • Go to My Trips page in the main menu​
  • Select the ride with a penalty or incorrect price​
  • Select Request Reimbursement​
  • Follow the instructions entering the ride ending time and/or the total ride time.
    Once your appeal will be processed you will receive a confirmation message.

Enter your payment method
Before you can ride, you will need to add your payment method: credit card, Google Pay, or Apple Pay.
Each payment option will vary depending in which city you are using our service and can be checked directly in My Wallet section in the app.

Top-up your wallet or purchase a Pass or Promo Pack
Go to My Wallet page in your RideMovi App profile and choose to top-up for single rides or select My Offers page to purchase a Pass or Promo Pack.

Pay As You Go 
Single rides are calculated depending on the amount of time you ride. Prices can be seen by clicking the vehicle on the map.

Pass and Offers
You can see prices and special promos available in your region at My Offers page in the App.

Check your app for riding details:
Before starting a ride, please check into your RideMovi App the operating area, the No Parking Zones, and the parking instructions of the city in which you are using the service. Remember to always close the ride via App and follow the instructions.
PLEASE NOTE:  The operating area and No Parking Zones may vary according to the vehicle you are using.

Please remember that you will be charged for additional costs:

If you park outside the operating area or in a No Parking Zone.

If you don't upload correctly the photo of the parked vehicle.

If you do not use the dedicated parking areas and/or lock the vehicle with the appropriate padlock (mandatory only in some cities).

Administrative penalties for traffick violations

Ridemovi bicycles, eBikes and eScooters, as stated in the traffic code, are considered vehicles and they are subject to administrative penalties and fines for vehicle towing to the municipal depot.

To avoid being charged with n administrative penalty, please follow local parking laws and regulations. Ensure that you are not obstructing pedestrians or traffic, that you are parking in a public bicycle parking or designated parking areas, and never in private spaces.

Additional costs for missing or unclear picture
Remember to always upload a photo of the vehicle parked at the end of the ride. The photo must clearly show the parked vehicle and the parking area.

Charges for additional costs and administrative penalties

As per our Terms and Conditions, all additional costs and administrative penalties will be charged directly from the payment method registered in your account. Here below are the details of the charges for administrative penalties which may vary depending on the city in which you are using the service.

Outside the operating area The Maximum charge corresponds to a 120-minute ride and an additional cost up to 50€.

No parking zone Maximum charge which corresponds to a 120-minute ride and an additional cost up to 30€.

Outside the parking hub Up to 30€.

Missing or incorrect parking photo Up to 30€.

Administrative fines and vehicle towing Total amount of the administrative fine and vehicle towing + additional 30€ for case handling.

At this link additional information about our operating area and parking instructions: https://www.ridemovi.com/operating-area/

Ride Safely

At RideMovi we are working towards a future where riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, people with disabilities, and drivers share safe streets!

RideMovi is a great way of moving in your city, so we recommend following these tips for a smarter and safer experience.

Wear a helmet, be sure to follow local traffic guidelines, and travel along bike lanes or cycle paths.

  • Be watchful, look ahead on your path, and be careful about opening of the door by vehicles parked along the road.
  • Keep your cell phone in the vehicle phone holder and avoid distractions such as headphones, and any kind of devices.
  • Be alert and pay attention to vehicles and other people around you. Assume that other people don't see you.
  • Follow general road rules and avoid sidewalks intended for pedestrians only. When on the street or road, travel in the same direction as the traffic around you.
  • Do not ride bicycles at pedestrian crossings. When traveling to roundabouts, clearly indicate to motorists the route you intend to take.
  • Never ride a vehicle with a passenger.

Safe Vehicles

Our vehicles are built and designated to provide sustainable and reliable trips for everyone, and we are constantly working on developing technology that will help keep our riders and the community safe. We recommend anyway to inspect the vehicle before riding and reporting any damage directly in the app by simply following these steps.

Report a vehicle

  • Open the RideMovi app
  • Click on the headphone icon
  • Click on Report a vehicle
  • Scan the vehicle’s QR code

In case of accident

Please reach our customer service via chat bot available in our app or website. Make sure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, and if necessary, contact local emergency authorities.

Thank you!

Pass and promotions are highlighted in your RideMovi app.
To enter a discount coupon:

  • Go to My Coupon page in the App
  • Enter the discount coupon code
  • Et voilà you have your free ride!

RideMovi is the leading player in the European micromobility sector and is operating in the following cities:

Italy: Bologna, Caorle, Florence, Imola, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Lucca, Mantua, Milan, Padua, Piacenza, Piombino, Pisa, Ragusa, Reggio Emilia, Santa Margherita Ligure, Turin, Vicenza, Venice.

Greece: Thessaloniki

Portugal: Cascais, Lisbon

Spain: Barcelona.

Sweden: Lund, Malmo, Uppsala, Stoccolma.

What is the minimum age to ride with RideMovi?
Before signing up for RideMovi, please make sure to review the User Agreement for your country, which states age requirements.

Can I unlock 2 vehicles at the same time?
With the RideMovi App you can use 1 vehicle at the time.

How do you handle my data and sensitive information?
Your data and privacy are very important. We handle your data in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read more about how we handle our users' data in our Privacy Policy: www.ridemovi.com/privacy
We never store sensitive information like credit card details, our payment partner does that for us.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
You can read all about RideMovi Terms and Conditions on www.ridemovi.com/terms
You can read our Privacy Policy at www.ridemovi.com/privacy

The quickest way to get help is through the chatbot available in the App and at ridemovi.com. Our Movi Chatbot and our Customer Care agents are ready to assist you!

We are sorry to see you leaving and we hope to have you back soon! You can cancel your account directly from the application by following these steps:

  • Go to Settings
  • Accounts and Security
  • Delete Account

If you cannot access the RideMovi application or if you want to proceed with a refund, you can chat live with our Movi Chatbot available at ridemovi.com.