Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the RideMovi world!

  • Download the RideMovi App from Play Store or App Store and create a personal account.
  • Enter your mobile phone number and request the verification code.
  • You can ride one vehicle at a time with your account.
  • Unlock and ride a bike, eBike or scooter (if available in your city) with the same app.

To Start a Ride:

– Open the RideMovi app and find your nearest RideMovi Bike, eBike or scooter on the map.
– Scan the QR code available on the handlebar (also available on the rear part of the vehicle) and ride.
– For the cities where the vehicle has a chain lock in the basket, a code will be shown in the app. Use this code to unlock the chain lock.

To End a Ride:
– Please end your trip by clicking on End Ride in the app and follow carefully the parking instructions given by the app.

If you cannot end the trip, please write to us at support@nullridemovi.com  with the account phone number and the time you started the ride.

At RideMovi we want to make sure that you can move in your city in the fastest and easiest way. If you encounter any problems you can report the issue by clicking on the customer service icon in the app or contact our support team at support@nullridemovi.com

Why do I have a negative balance?
If you have an unexpected negative balance please check the following:

  • You forgot to top up your app wallet.
  • Your pass expired and you have been using your top-up to ride. Please consider activating the automatic top-up functionality.
  • You parked outside the geofence, in a No Parking Zone or outside a Parking Hub and a parking penalty has been applied. (Hubs are mandatory only in specific cities and highlighted in the app).
  • You did not end the trip as instructed and the ride remained active for a while.

If your wallet has a negative balance, you will not be able to unlock a vehicle. Simply top-up your account to a positive balance to enable the use of your credit or pass. If you exceed your balance while on a ride, it will not affect that ride, but you will need to top up before the next ride. Contact our customer service if you have any questions regarding a parking issue at support@nullridemovi.com

My Movi doesn’t unlock
If you are using a standard bike with the wheel lock, it might be already unlocked, so just try gently pushing the rear wheel lock until open. If you still are having trouble unlocking a Movi, please ensure:

  • Your phone has data connection.
  • Bluetooth is on.

Also, when you scan the QR code double-check your RideMovi App:

  • The app will highlight that the vehicle might have been reported for repair, in which case, simply unlock another Movi.
  • If you see your last trip running it means that you did not end the trip as instructed so please proceed to end the ride. If you are still unable to unlock, please report the issue in your App by clicking on the customer service icon or write to us at support@nullridemovi.com

    I received a parking penalty or I cannot close my ride

    For parking penalty or trip reimbursement please appeal directly in the app by following these instructions:​
  • Go to My Trips page in the main menu​
  • Select on the ride with penalty or incorrect price​
  • Select Request Reimbursement​
  • Follow the instructions entering the ride ending time and/or the total ride time. Once your appeal will be processed you will receive a confirmation message. 

Enter your payment method
Before you can ride, you will need to add your payment method: credit card, Google Pay or App Pay.
Each payment option will vary depending on the city you are using our service and can be checked directly in My Wallet section in the app.

Top-up your wallet or purchase a Pass or Promo Pack
Go to ‘My Wallet’ in your RideMovi App profile and choose to top-up for single rides or select a Pass or Promo Pack with the preferred vehicle.

Pay As You Go 
Single rides are calculated depending on the amount of the time you ride. Prices can be seen by clicking the vehicle on the map.

Pass and Promo Pack 

  • The Unlimited Pass allows you to ride for unlimited rides up to a certain time per ride.
  • The Promo Pack allows you to ride for a specific time or number of rides. You can see the available prices and special promos available in your region in the My Wallet section of the App.

Check your app for riding details:
Before riding, please make sure to check in your RideMovi App the operating area, no parking zone and specific parking instructions in your city. Remember to always end the trip on your app in order to see parking instructions for your city, and to confirm whether any service fees apply for parking in this location. For traditional bicycles with a wheel lock please remember to first close the trip in the app and additionally close manually the lock on the back wheel.

Park it right!
To avoid a parking ticket issued by local authorities, please follow local parking laws and regulations. Ensure that you are not obstructing pedestrians or traffic, that you are parking in a public bicycle parking or designated parking areas and never in private spaces. Help to set a good example for others and please move a RideMovi vehicle when is parked the wrong way.

Remember that if you park outside RideMovi operating area, in a non-parking area or you have not followed the parking instructions a service fee will be charged. The service fee will be deducted from your wallet, if you have a balance, or directly from your credit card, and will vary depending on which city you are using our service.

PLEASE NOTE: If you try to park a vehicle outside the operating area you will not be able to close the ride.

Operating area and additional parking service fees
Click on this link for information:  https://www.ridemovi.com/operating-area/

Remember to ride safe!

We invite you to follow general road rules and avoid riding our vehicles on sidewalks. It is prefered to use bike lanes when moving in the city. In case of an accident, you can reach our Customer Support team at support.it@nullridemovi.com

Please make sure that everyone involved in the accident is safe, and if necessary, contact local emergency authorities.

Pass promotions are highlighted in your RideMovi app. Follow our social media @ridemovi for discount coupons available in your city.
To enter a discount coupon

  • Go to My Coupon page
  • Enter the discount coupon code
  • Et voilà you have your free ride!

RideMovi is the leading player in the European micromobility sector and is operating in the following cities:

Italy: Bologna, Caorle, Florence, Imola, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Mantua, Milan, Padua, Palermo, Pesaro, Pisa, Portofino, Rapallo, Reggio Emilia, Rome, Santa Margherita Ligure, Turin, Vicenza, Venice.

Spain: Barcelona, Siviglia, Zaragoza.

Sweden: Helsingborg

Contact us if you want to join the RideMovi Community at support@nullridemovi.com

What is the minimum age to ride with RideMovi?
Before signing up for RideMovi, please make sure to review the User Agreement for your country, which states age requirements.

Can I unlock 2 vehicles at the same time?
Nope! You can use 1 vehicle with 1 RideMovi App. Each user must have a smartphone and download our App.

How do you handle my data and sensitive information?
Your data and privacy are very important. We handle your data in line with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). You can read more about how we handle our users’ data in our Privacy Policy: www.ridemovi.com/privacy
We never store sensitive information like credit card details, our payment partner does that for us.

Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy
You can read all about RideMovi Terms and Conditions on www.ridemovi.com/terms
You can read our Privacy Policy at www.ridemovi.com/privacy

We can’t wait to hear about you! Please reach our team via email at support@nullridemovi.com

We are increasing the sanitizing guidelines for our vehicles and inviting our riders to always wear gloves or wash hands before and after the use of our vehicles. We are also suggesting to follow the guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) and local city councils, which are updated with the latest information regarding basic protective measures.

We are sorry to see you leaving and hope to have you back soon!
To delete your RideMovi account, you will need to email support@nullridemovi.com. Once received the required information we will delete your account and refund your remaining balance.