Let’s celebrate together 20 Million km!

RideMovi celebrates a special Birthday with extremely important and exciting results! The RideMovi Community has chosen to move in a sustainable way, changing 17 cities in Europe for the better and improving the quality of life.

Discover the positive and significant impact on the environment thanks to our Movi riders within 3 years of operations:

  • 20 Million km ridden – 500 times around the Earth equivalent

  • 3.800 Tons of CO2 saved – 152.000 trees equivalent

  • 77% reduction in car usage


RideMovi revolution

At RideMovi, we want to revolutionize the way people move in the cities by providing a fun, efficient and sustainable micromobility sharing service to travel the last mile. We are excited to celebrate the third anniversary of what today has become an urban mobility system for people’s daily commuting. These record numbers were made possible through constant innovation and continuous testing of new technical solutions on ultimate generation vehicles.


Investing in product and technology

RideMovi will continue to invest and further consolidate its service by introducing smart and powerful vehicles such as the new Movi eBike, recently launched in Barcelona, Bologna, Venice and Madrid. Following the increased demand we will shortly implement our fleets with the latest designed eScooters. 

Let’s keep moving together to make our cities greener, healthier and more sustainable. 

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