Parking rules in Copenhagen

Here below is our guide to parking correctly in Copenhagen.

You are allowed to park eBikes only in the bike racks. These available parking zones are always visible with a P in the map of the Ridemovi app, before, during, and after a ride to assist you in the planning and organizing of your trip. This will allow you to smoothly locate and view the official parking zones even before using your RideMovi vehicle.

  • When parking in the designated parking areas, make sure that the app will allow you to close the ride.

  • Remember to take a photo of your vehicle after parking to avoid a penalty fee.

A fee may be charged if you have not parked correctly. Please park responsibly following our guide, ride safely, and enjoy the ride!

RideMovi is a great way of moving in your city, so we recommend following these tips for a smarter and safer experience.

Wear a helmet, be sure to follow local traffic guidelines, and travel along bike lanes or cycle paths.

  • Be watchful, look ahead on your path, and be careful about opening of the door by vehicles parked along the road.
  • Keep your cell phone in the vehicle phone holder and avoid distractions such as headphones, and any kind of devices.
  • Be alert and pay attention to vehicles and other people around you. Assume that other people don’t see you.
  • Follow general road rules and avoid sidewalks intended for pedestrians only. When on the street or road, travel in the same direction as the traffic around you.
  • Do not ride bicycles at pedestrian crossings. When traveling to roundabouts, clearly indicate to motorists the route you intend to take.
  • Never ride a vehicle with a passenger.

At RideMovi we are working towards a future where riders, pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, people with disabilities, and drivers share safe streets!

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